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Many businesses today store sensitive data and critical information on their work computers or a server. If you were to lose this data however, the results could be disastrous. This is why offsite data storage is essential for any modern business.

Offsite data backup is a process which uses a remote – often cloud based – storage system to store all their important data, to ensure this information is never lost. Data can be lost quite easily, and there are many reasons why a business could be at risk from data loss. These can include equipment failure, a natural disaster, power failure, a disaster due to human error, an office leak or flood, a cyber-attack or a virus. If you have a backup of your data offsite however, this will always ensure your data is safe and you’re one step ahead.

Why should I consider an offsite data backup?

Every business using computers could be under threat of data loss. If you lose your data and do not have a backup, you can risk losing a lot of vital and valuable information. Without access to your data your whole business could grind to a halt. This downtime could result in lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, fines and huge reputational damage.

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There are many benefits to having an offsite data backup and reasons why you should consider it:

Protect against the loss of data following a disaster: If a disaster occurs which destroys all or part of your data, having an offsite data backup will allow you to still be able to access the lost data. This means that if anything is lost it can be restored, ensuring you never have to lose valuable information again.

In the event of a security breach, your data will be protected: Having an offsite data backup will allow you to keep your information safe following a security breach. It can then be restored helping to ensure that you won’t have to pay out following a ransomware attack.

Automatic updates: With an offsite data backup your data will be automatically backed up. This means you don’t need to constantly remember to back things up or remove and replace hard drives. Data will backup 24 hours of the day, so any additions or changes will be updated and backed up instantly.

Free up more storage onsite: A lot of businesses use hard drives onsite to save data, but these can become full very quickly. On site hard drives are also vulnerable to failure and at risk of being damaged in a disaster, meaning your data is still at risk. If you save all your data offsite, you can free up a substantial amount of space onsite.

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Enjoy unlimited data storage: Following on from the previous point, most offsite storage solutions will give you unlimited space to store your data. Alternatively, you can arrange for a plan that will increase the space you get as your business grows. This means that you can store all of your data without worrying about running out of space or having to delete files to make room. It also gives you peace of mind that absolutely everything you need is stored safely.

Eliminate downtime: Loss of data can prevent your staff from being able to work effectively and cause low productivity and huge businesses losses. With an offsite backup service your data can be restored by experts almost immediately if disaster occurs, allowing your staff to continue working.

You’ll have constant peace of mind: Having an offsite data backup ensures that all your information is stored safely and cannot be destroyed or lost like it can onsite. You’ll never have to worry about losing data again and have the constant re-assurance if any issues do occur, you can have it back in no time.

Halcyon can help

Halcyon offer a server hosting and data backup service where we create secure backups of your servers to ensure everything you need to keep your business up and running effectively is stored safely offsite. All data is kept safe and secure so you don’t have to worry about data leaks or your data being destroyed and damaged, and we can even delete old backups if requested. Halcyon use both cloud and physical backups to ensure you are covered and can access data whenever you need it, even if your server is stolen or broken. We provide 24-hour daily backups which automatically save all your data, so that everything you need is always there and accessible.

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Our Disaster Recovery service also allows you to quickly recover function of your infrastructure after disaster occurs. Our experts constantly monitor your devices to make sure they are always running at optimal performance and fix any issues before they become a problem. If a disaster does occur, we are instantly alerted and we can recover any of your lost data for you almost instantly. When a disaster occurs if anything is lost or damaged, we can revert your systems back to an older working state so you don’t have to worry about losing vital data and can continue working as normal. Loss or corruption of data can result in huge business disruption so a plan for recovering data and restoration of systems is essential for any business.

If you’re a business without an offsite backup of your data or disaster recovery plan, contact Halcyon today to discuss how we can help keep your data safe. It is one of the most important services you will sign up for and can help to prevent huge businesses losses and reputational damage. We have a range of plans that can be designed around your needs and budget and our friendly team of experts are happy to help find the best solution for you.

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