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Most business owners and managers know that your product or services are going to gain more momentum in the market at some point, which is just what you are waiting for. But did you know that premature growth is one of the biggest killers of business start-ups and new businesses?

Although things may look good on the horizon, you need to be fully prepared for every different growth stage possible in your business. The last thing you want within your business is to be unable to grow and develop all the way to the top because of premature growth even if your product or service was great.  

It is important to ensure your business continues to grow, no matter the circumstances. In this blog, we are going to explain how IT can help you to build a thriving business, and share some top tips on how to future-proof your business with IT.

Tip 1. Lease your hardware

updating IT hardware

Hardware leasing is a cost-effective and money-saving way to get the equipment you need without a huge price tag. Expanding your business can be very expensive and cash flow can be a big issue for some businesses. Paying for new staff and bigger premises are costs you can’t avoid, but buying brand new hardware is a cost you can dodge. Leasing the hardware you need allows you to spread the costs of the equipment so you can save money upfront, and it makes it easier to budget for the future.

Leasing also allows you to get better more expensive hardware for your business to ensure the best possible performance from the outset. Buying the latest technology is expensive, particularly if your business is continually growing, and it goes out of date fast, but with leasing you can change your existing leased hardware for new equipment at the end of your leasing term, ensuring you always have the best and most up-to-date hardware for your organisation.

Halcyon Networks can lease a range of hardware to customers at highly competitive prices. We offer PC’s, laptops, networks, servers, communication equipment, and so much more ensuring you have everything you need to kit out your growing business. We can provide everything you need to get your business infrastructure up and running quickly and effectively, and our expert team can recommend the best options for you based on your growing business needs. We even provide a full installation service and 24-hour support for any issues that arise, and we offer repairs, replacements, and upgrades when you want them. Lease hardware from Halcyon Networks with contracts that work for you and your growing business.

Tip 2. Have a reliable backup and disaster recovery strategy

backup and disaster recovery service

As your business grows, so do your responsibilities and along with this come more security risks for your business operations. It’s crucial to set up a reliable back up strategy and a disaster recovery plan before you set up your next big goal for your business.

As a usual rule of thumb, it is important to have at least three backups of your business data. Keeping your data backups in different locations helps to support efficient disaster recovery plans. With the added protection of having a cloud backup, you can ensure your data is protected and secure.

Whether you are working with an IT support company or have an inhouse team for business IT support, you can choose how often all of your information will be backed up, and you can request a confirmation every time the backup is successfully done. At Halcyon Networks, we can provide 24-hour server backups, so that all of your business data will be backed up at all times, to give you peace of mind everything you need will be there if ever a disaster occurs.

Tip 3. Outsource your IT operations

outsourced IT support

Maybe you are planning to set up or expand your existing IT team or the IT infrastructure. But, have you thought about how many resources will be additionally required to efficiently manage and monitor it all, in the long term?

By outsourcing your IT work to an expert IT support company, your business instantly gains the expertise in IT and resources it needs to take that giant leap. In addition to this, it also provides long term cost savings for your business by reducing infrastructure cost and downtime, while enhancing the security levels of your system to avoid disasters, such as cyber-attacks. The money you save in this area can then be spent in other areas to drive growth.

IT support for growing businesses from Halcyon Networks

If you have a growing business, a reliable full IT support plan from an experienced IT support company can be hugely beneficial. At Halcyon Networks, we offer a full IT support package that can grow with you and your business. As a business grows, often their IT systems can’t keep up, but at Halcyon Networks, we make sure we are always ready for what’s ahead. 

Our full IT support is fully inclusive with 24/7 support, no call out fees, and no hidden extra charges. We put you first, providing round the clock access to our dedicated team of experts and we always aim for same-day resolutions no matter the problem. We consistently monitor your systems for you, fixing any potential problems before they become an issue, and if a disaster ever does occur, we can get you back up and running in no time. To find out more about our full IT support services for growing businesses, contact us on 0151 678 4545, or email us at info@halcyonnetworks.co.uk

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Full IT Support

Our full IT support package is £25 per computer per month and is a fixed rate no matter what. We rank over 20-40% cheaper than our competitors. Our full package includes the following:

  • No Call-out fees
  • 30-day rolling contract
  • Fully inclusive
  • Remote support
  • Personal IT Department
  • IT Consultancy
  • Monthly Updates
  • £25 per computer

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